Defective engines with Turbo+charges prone to failure

There is an obvious problem related to turbo failure on the Renault 1.9dci engines. The root of this problem is related to an EGR design flaw where the valve becomes intermittent. The system itself works fine if the engine is serviced using the recommended Renault schedule and correct engine oil. Unfortunately to many owners fall victim to this problem from ill advise or improperly trained mechanics.

The EGR valve returns unburned fuel back into the cylinder to reduce carbon emissions. The 1.9dci engine is susceptible to a "sticky" EGR, this EGR works using an electric motor as the actuator and becomes unstable. In combination with a secondary fault such as an control valve fault possibly an intercooler leak will overspeed the turbine shaft under heavy load conditions.

When the EGR valve fails, its possible for the turbo cartridge to overheat causing a failure of its seals. When the journal bearings fail the shaft become unstable and the turbine shaft no longer functions. The center catridge has 2-3bar of oil from the oil pump, as the turbo fails the engine wants air but the turbo is now a restriction the pressurized oil pumps into the intake manifold and the engine begins to "RUN AWAY" This is a serious problem for all 1.9dci and 2.2dci engines. A full inspection of the engine must be initiated to locate possible damage.

Renault addressed this issue 2003+ dCi engines and it's common knowledge at this point that this engine needs close service intervals to reduce future failure. Searching the internet will only offer suggestions, bring your car to a professional get the job done properly.

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