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Located in Midland Park, New Jersey Scroll Products offers full diagnostic services for all vehicles equipped with a turbo. Turbochargers can be complicated to diagnose and most late model turbocharged engines have sophisticated electronics to control boost and prevent failure. Features like "Limp Mode" protect the engine and turbocharger and prevent failure, proper diagnosis will prevent a future loss.

In general turbocharger(s) fail for many reasons, improper service intervals or improper servicing. Its common to see the following issues with high mile turbo turbochargers; compressor wheel damage from UFO (dirty air filter), charge system leak (intercooler), over boost from vacuum system leak, wastegate diaphragm failure, PierBurg N75 failure, oil inlet pipe, oil outlet "coking".

Turbo Diesel suffer from more issues related to "diesel soot". In the case of late model diesel engines a new problem comes into play "Variable Nozzle" or VNT. This system falls victim to a number of different problems including, nozzle damage, nozzle ring defects caused by nailing injector(s), EGR failure, EGR cross contamination, defective MAP sensor, engine failure.

It is possible for one of these problems to cause immediate turbo failure, often the majority of turbocharger(s) survive one problem. Complete failures normally derive from a combination of service problems causing the turbocharger to over-speed and burn up the internals.

If you suspect your turbocharger is not functioning properly or notice power loss, abnormal noise or feel its time to have the turbo inspected, make an appointment to have the car or truck diagnosed before spending endless dollars at the dealer on a job that might not be required.

Properly diagnosing a turbo failure before installing the replacement unit is extremely important. Our technicians have working knowledge of turbochargers and automotive intercooler charge systems, vacuum control system.

In addition we also offer commercial truck turbocharger diagnostics, given the fact there are hundreds of applications please contact Scroll Products directly with your request.

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