Hybrid Turbochargers

Our Evolution

Our vision from inception has been providing customers with cost effective, high performance turbocharger choices to the standard OEM alternatives. Following years of research, development and testing we have introduced hybrid turbochargers that deliver the balance between performance, efficiency and reliability – all while retaining a factory facade. Scroll Products founder developed his expertise working for one of the largest OEM turbocharger manufacturers in the Europe. That experience and related product expertise is the catalyst behind Scroll Products diverse line of turbocharger upgrades. We especially pride ourselves on producing variants of the Garrett T-Series, Mitsubishi MHI TD-Series and Borg Warner K-Series turbo chargers.

Quality Standards

We recognize that performance is what most of our customers want. Our value proposition is based on three objectives: performance, reliability and efficiency. The vast majority of the Turbos we upgrade have revised performance components including, larger thrust bearings, alloy journal bearings, and step-gap piston rings. Quality components and reliability drive the process. We have standards that must be met and nothing is overlooked. When clients have a request we do everything we can to discuss and position all the options and to so at a reasonable price.

The Result

Our turbo upgrades deliver quick boost response required at low RPMs, replacing the supplemental air-flow capacity normally absent at higher RPMs. Turbocharged engines respond dramtically to increased boost pressure. Our quality control process insures that your particular car has the capacity both internally and externally to accommodate the noticeable performance provided by incremental boost levels. New diesel engines with VNT turbos (variable nozzle tech) can also be upgraded at our facility. In addition, our experience with Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche Borg Warner turbo series is second to none. We offer a plethura of performance compressor wheels and necessary compressor housing re-profiling equipment. We currently offer clients two full service locations, Midland Park, NJ (USA) and Warsaw, Poland (EU). Both locations maintain a full compliment of vibration monitoring and machining equipment to satisfy the most discriminating customer. Its our goal to manufacture and delivering products that are proven high quality bolt-on replacements for clients seeking a balance between performance and longevity.

Borg Warner K04 Compressor Upgrade K04-SP60X aka K06-2280DB

K04 Hybrid - Audi RS4-2.7T / RS6-4.2T / A3-TT 1.8T 

Borg Warner K03-SP54X Hybrid Turbocharger Upgrade - VAG 1.8T - Transverse - Golf - Jetta - Beetle

K03 Hybrid 1.8T Golf / Audi A3 / Bora / Octavia 

Borg Warner K03-SP54X - K04-SP54X Hybrid Turbocharger Upgrades - VAG 1.8t - Longitudinal - B5 - B6 - B7

VAG B5-B6 1.8T K04 Turbocharger Upgrade 

Scroll K04-SP56R - K04-SP60X Hybrid Turbocharger Upgrade - VAG 1.8T - Longitudinal - B5 - B6 - B7

K04-SP56R 280HP - K04-SP60X 295HP 1.8t Longitudinal 

Honeywell Garrett - GT1756v - GT1856v - GT1859v - VAG 1.9TDI - Variable Nozzle - Diesel Performance Turbochargers

How to Upgrade Your Turbo? See VAG 1.9 TDI Turbo Upgrade GT1859v 


Mitsubishi MHI TD04 19T Hybrid Turbocharger Upgrade - BMW - LAND ROVER - SAAB - SUBARU - VOLVO

Mitsubishi TD04 

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