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Scroll Products offers an assortment of Center Housing Rotating Assemblies or CHRA kits for the majority of passenger car and light trucks. Scroll Products Center Housing Rotating Assembly kits allow the mechanically inclined individual a simple way to repair their turbo+charger at a significant discount compared to purchasing a complete replacement unit.

Scroll Products turbocharger CHRA replacement kits are produced using the highest quality components. Each component is laser etched with a serial number allowing for stringent quality control during the build process. The components are assembled in-house by qualified technicians that have years of experience in the turbocharger manufacturing industry.
Scroll Products insures each build meets OEM quality requirements using a high-speed Vibration Sorting Rig (VSR).


VSR is a machine which tests the vibration of an assembled CHRA with temperate oil pressurized to 4bar emulating a live engine. This allows the technician to measure the shaft/rotor in-balance at speed. The goal is to reduce shaft vibration to less than 0.20G at a speed of 100,000rpm or faster depending on the turbocharger size. The VSR testing method insures each client receives a quality product that will stand up to the most demanding situations.

For questions regarding a specific application please call USA 201-925-0825 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Turbocharger CHRA Search - Peugeot

Mark Model Engine T. Family T. Code O.E.M T. Code
Details -
Peugeot206DW 10ATD2SGT1546S706977-0001433289-0123
Peugeot206 1.4HDiDV4TDKP355435-970-00015435-710-0501
Peugeot206 1.4HDiDV4TDKP355435-970-00075435-710-0502
Peugeot206 1.4HDiDV4TDKP35-5435-970-00095435-710-0502
Peugeot206 2.0 HDIDW10TDK035303-970-00095303-710-0506
Peugeot206 HDiDW10ATEDK035303-970-00575303-710-0514
Peugeot206 Hdi 110HP (05) 1.6LDDV6TED4GT1544V753420-0004Not Available
Peugeot306XUD9TE ECOK035303-970-00105303-710-0505
Peugeot306 HDIDW10TDK035303-970-00235303-710-0514
Peugeot307 HDiDW10ATEDK035303-970-00575303-710-0514
Peugeot307 Hdi 110HP (05-) 1.6LDDV6TED4GT1544V753420-0004Not Available
Peugeot406DW 10ATD2SGT1546S706977-0001433289-0123
Peugeot406 HDIDW10ATEDK035303-970-00185303-710-0514
Mark Model Engine T. Family T. Code O.E.M T. Code
Peugeot406 HDIDW10ATEDK035303-970-00245303-710-0514
Peugeot406 HDIDW10ATEDK035303-970-00505303-710-0514
Peugeot406 HDIDW10TDK035303-970-00095303-710-0506
Peugeot406 HDIDW10TDK035303-970-00095303-710-0514
Peugeot607 HDIDW10ATEDK035303-970-00505303-710-0514
Peugeot806DW 10ATED4GT1549S713667-0003433289-0134
Peugeot807DW 10ATED4GT1549S713667-0003433289-0134
PeugeotBoxer 2.8 HDI8140-43-2200K035303-970-00545303-710-0513
PeugeotBoxer 2.8 HDI8140-43-2200K035303-970-00815303-710-0522
PeugeotPartnerDW 10ATD2SGT1546S706977-0001433289-0123

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