Turbo rebuild service

Clocking: The turbo rebuild process begins with properly marking the flanges for clock orientation. Clocking the turbocharger is one of the most important and commonly overlooked aspects of the rebuild process.


Reconditioning: The bearing housing, compressor housing and turbine housing are hot-tanked then media blasted to insure 100% removal of carbon deposits. The bearing housing and turbine shaft are inspected for tolerance. Components that are out of specification are machined to the next + oversize or replaced entirely.


Turbo Balancing: We offer 3 stage balancing, low speed dynamic balancing of the turbine shaft and compressor wheel. After the individual components are dynamically balanced they are assembled with the thrust assembly and balanced together "stacked". Stacked components are marked for orientation and assembled as a cartridge CHRA. After assembly the CHRA is bench tested on a VSR (Vibration Sorting Rig) and tested at speed of 120,000 RPM.


Turbo+charger Assembly: At this point the turbo CHRA cartridge is assembled and balanced. The turbine manifold and compressor housing are coupled to the cartridge and "clocked" to the original orietation marks. After orientation is complete the wastegate valve is adjusted to the correct tension completing the base build.

Scroll Products technical staff has years of experience building turbochargers for all applications including automotive, off-road, marine, truck, agriculture and commercial equipment. With a new Bergen County facility located in Midland Park, New Jersey and our existing EU facility located in Warsaw Poland, Scroll Products can can tackle the most complicated or hard to find requests. We currently service the following turbochargers, Borg Warner, Garrett, Cummins Holset USA, Mitsubishi MHI, IHI Japan, for more information please contact 201-925-0825 or emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for competitive pricing & fast service.

Scroll Products Turbo rebuild service center located in Bergen County - Midland Park, New Jersey


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